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Welcome to Knowthatproperty.com!

Knowthatproperty is an interactive resource where you can discover interesting historical information about properties of various types. The site invites people of all ages to browse, interact and contribute to the site, with registration also allowing you to use the comments system to share your thoughts and opinions. A polls system is also present to gain further user opinions and feedback. Becoming a Trusted Contributor allows you to upload and manage your images and photos on the site via the image and gallery management system. Click HERE to see how you can become a Trusted Contributor and HERE to see what kind of images are desired.

To help you get started on your browsing, here are a few key pages on the site.

The Home Page: The home page of knowthatproperty lists the latest featured news and articles at the top, while also listing the latest news and articles by category. The bottom of the home page lists the latest properties to be added to the site, the most commented to properties and most active property galleries. The most commented to properties are those that have garnered the most comments in a recent period of time, while the most active property galleries are those that have had the most images uploaded to them in a recent period of time.

Property Search & Listing: This page allows you to search through the records of properties on knowthatproperty.com via many different search criteria, allowing you to refine the search as much (or as little) as you want. Once you have chosen your city of choice, there are many refinement options such as suburb, street, council, zoning, property name, build date, architectural type and more. Each property has a property details page containing property information & historical data, as well as links to photo and image galleries for the given property. A Registered user can comment to a property in the same way they can comment to a news or article posting. The FAQ looks at some helpful tips on how to use the search criteria options of the Property Search page.

News and Article Search & Listing: This page allows you to search and list news and article posting through various search criteria options, allowing refinements such as location (down to suburb), category, topic and more.

Gallery Listing: Here you can list and browse through the various galleries across the site.

Poll Listing: Here you can search through and list the various polls that will be created across the site.

Knowthatproperty also aims to interact and communicate with people through popular social mediums such as Twitter and Facebook - so feel free to drop by and say hello!

More about the knowthatproperty.com can be found on the About Page. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page can be found HERE should you have any further questions or queries. The Contact page also allows you to submit any questions or feedback regarding the site or alternatively, feel free to send an e-mail to:- contact@knowthatproperty.com.

Should you have any technical issues or require assistance of a technical nature, feel free to send an e-mail to:- admin@knowthatproperty.com.

Once again, welcome to the site, enjoy your stay and happy browsing!

- Mark

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