Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Questions About Site: Basic queries relating to the site.

2. Galleries and Images: Questions relating to the gallery and image management system, such as how to upload and manage images, valid file formats and tips on what types of photos are desired.

3. User Accounts and Management: Questions related on how to register and manage your account, how to become trusted contributor, etc.

4. Site Functionality-Related Questions: General questions relating to functionalities of the site, "how to" questions, etc

5. Technical Issues: Questions related to problems or errors encountered with the site.


1.1 What is

knowthatproperty is a website that provides historical information about properties of various categories and types, whether they are houses, churches, department stores, etc through thorough search and listing functionalities and property profile pages. Apart from historical information, the property profile pages also display information such as address, build dates, name of a given property or building, architect or builder details, council, zoning, protections placed on a property (if any) and more. The site allows users to contribute through comments, polls or submit and upload photographs to the various galleries across the site. The site also aims to keep it's users informed through news and article postings. More can be learnt about knowthatproperty at the About page.

1.2 Can you find the history of such and such a property?

At this point I'm not really taking any personal requests for particular properties as I'm trying to add the property records in a more uniform and complete fashion from suburb to suburb without jumping around too much.

1.3 I know of some historical information for a given property that you haven't listed...

Fantastic! Feel free to contact me via the Contact page, choosing "Property Enquiry/Info". Alternatively, you can contact me via Please also provide links to the various sources where you found the information if possible so that they can be seen, confirmed and referenced.


2.1 How am I able to upload and contribute photos to

In order to be able to upload to the galleries at you must be at the very least a "Trusted Contributer". Once a Trusted Contributor, you will be able to access the galleries for properties across the site and upload your photos to them. You will also be able to manage your images by adding accompanying information to them such as a description, caption, cite any source and original photographer if you wish to do so.

To access the gallery and image management system, first locate a property of your choice and go to it's Property Details page and click the "gallery management" link. From there you will be able to see the galleries that you have access to upload to (if any). Click on the thumbnail to select a gallery. From the gallery page you will be able to upload photos. (Also See: 3.4 How do I become a Trusted Contributor)

2.2 How do I manage the images I have uploaded?

As described above, locate the Property Details page for the given property of your choice, go to it's gallery management page and select a gallery. From there you will see thumbnails for all the images that you have uploaded to that gallery. Select an image to access the image management page and from there you can modify it's details or upload a replacement image, while keeping the original details intact.

2.3 What file formats for images are allowed at

BMP, GIF or JPG files are considered valid file formats.

2.4 Can I upload images into the featured/main gallery for a property?

No. Only site staff are able to contribute to featured galleries. The featured gallery is the gallery that "represents" the property on the site, so to speak. Trusted contributors can upload to galleries for properties for which they have been designated access to.

2.5 What type of photos would make good contributions to

As always, photos of buildings that have since been demolished would be greatly appreciated, whether they are interior or exterior photos. Photos of buildings in the process of demolition or under the threat of demolition would also be greatly appreciated. Also, should you come across old photos (e.g. 1920's, etc) of an old house that was once in the family, whether it still exists or not, these would be appreciated too!

2.6 What types of buildings/architectural era is allowed to be uploaded, ie, can I upload photos of buildings from the 60's, 70's, beyond, etc?

At this point, is typically only really interested in properties and buildings up until around the 1930's or so. That being said, there can be exceptions as there can be some truly unique designs and architecture beyond that period. Sometimes this may have to be evaulated on a case-by-case basis.

2.7 What are some good photography tips to take of properties, including ones that are under threat?

Try to get a range of photos from various angles and distances available. It's always good to get a shot from across the street to get a sense of the size and width of the property in the context of it's street and location. Try to get distance shots from the fence/boundary, then closer zooms on features such as chimneys (if any), doors, windows, verandahs, balconies (if any), and and any other feature shots. In terms of interior shots, try to get shots of rooms, hallways, feature shots of windows, doors, fireplaces, ceilings, arch ways, etc. If a building is being demolished, try to get distance shots and more close up shots that give anything away, such as the layout and structure of rooms and any feature shots of anything that remains including action shots of demolition in progress. It's also good to get a shot of yourself (at the very least for your own keeping) in front of the structure simply to show that you were there - especially if it will no longer exist. The average digital cameras these days are capable of filming 720p HD movies so feel free to capture some video footage of any kind as well!

2.8 I have some photos of a property that has since been demolished/is being demolished, how do I go about sharing these? Also, what happens if the record for the property doesn't exist yet? What if there is no public gallery to contribute to?

For Unregistered or Registered user: If you have yet to register, first, be sure to register an account with Once you are a registered user, using the e-mail address that is tied to your knowthatproperty account - the one that you signed up with (see your Profile Management page), send an e-mail to with at least one sample photo of what you intend to upload and the address of the property. You will then be upgraded to a Trusted Contributor. A property record will be created, if required, and a gallery setup for you to contribute to. (SEE ALSO: How to become a trusted contributor)

For Trusted Contributors: You will already have access to contribute to any property galleries across the site, but if you have photos of a given property for which there is no record, or for which there is no public gallery to contribute to, send an e-mail to and the property and/or it's gallery will be setup.


3.1 What does Registration with entitle me to?

Registration is of course FREE. Becoming a Registered user allows you to use the comments system to comment to news/article postings, properties and participate in discussions.

3.2 How long do I have to confirm my registration at

You have up to about 48 hours to confirm your registration at and then your account will be deleted. You will not be able to post comments or carry out any other functionalities until you confirm your newly registered account. To do this, go to your e-mail address that you signed-up with and access your confirmation email sent from From there, click the confirmation link and follow the instructions to confirm your newly Registered account.

3.3 What is the difference between a Trusted Contributor and Registered user?

Both Registered and Trusted Contributor users can post comments throughout the site, but unlike Trusted Contributors, Registered users cannot contribute and upload photos to the galleries at

3.4 How do I become a Trusted Contributor? Does it cost money to become a Trusted Contributor?

No, it doesn't cost any money to become a Trusted Contributor. This site welcomes and invites anyone to contribute interesting photos - for instance, if you have come across photos in a personal album, etc, that contains photos of a house, such as one that may have been in the family that has since been demolished, these types of photos would be greatly appreciated!

In order to become a Trusted Contributor, first, be sure to register an account with the site, then send an e-mail to with the address of the property for which you want to contribute photos to, along with at least one photo as a sample of what you wish to upload. Be sure to send the e-mail using the SAME e-mail address that is tied to your knowthatproperty account. (SEE MORE at how to contribute photos)

3.5 How do I change my account/profile details?

Click your username at the top of the screen to access the profile management page.

3.6 How do I change my e-mail address?

From the profile management page, first enter your existing password for your account then enter and confirm the new e-mail address. Without closing the browser, go to and login to your new e-mail address account and open the confirmation e-mail sent from knowthatproperty. From there, click the confirmation link and follow instructions to officially change and tie the new e-mail address to your account.

3.7 How do I change my password?

From the profile management page, enter your existing password, then enter your new passoword and confirm it.

3.8 I forgot my password, what do I do?

Click on the Log In link at the top of the page and then click Forgot my Password. From there, enter your e-mail address that is tied to your account and click the "Recover Password" button. An e-mail with the password of your account will be sent to you.

3.9 How do I recover my Registration Code?

Click on the Log In link at the top of the page and then click Recover Registration Code. From there, enter the e-mail address with which you signed up your account at and click the "Recover Registration Code" button and an e-mail with your registration code will be sent to you for your account.


4.1 How do I post comments?

You must first Register an account with (if you haven't already), then login. From there you will be able to comment to any news, articles and properties, as long as the comments are still open.

4.2 How do I post URLs/links to other sites or stylize my text?

To post links to other sites you can simply enter [url][/url]. Surrounding your URL with the [url][/url] tags will make your link clickable. To style text in bold or italic fashion you can use [b]my bold text[/b] or [i]my italic text[/i] tags. Any text inbetween the tags will be styled. All tags must use lowercase letters. There are also more URL options with the TextTool Pop-Up.

4.3 What is the TextTool Pop-Up and what does it offer?

The TextTool Pop-Up not only allows you to stylize text and create links as shown above, it also has advanced options such as allowing you to create custom URL clickable text and to more easily setup and post links to properties on the site. Open the TextTool by clicking the small text tool icon.

Creating a property link: Click "Create Property Link" in the menu. From here enter the full address details of the property as well as the URL text you wish to be clickable then click "Generate", which will generate some text in the textbox at the bottom. Hover over the generated text, right-click and select copy. Paste the generated text in a text field of your choice. If more than one property is found based on the address you have entered, a list will appear below the Generate Button. Select the property of your choice from the list, which will in turn update the Generated text in the textbox below - no need to click the "Generate" button again, unless you enter a new address.

Creating URLs: Click "Create Any Link" in the menu. Select the the type of URL you would like to create. A Simple URL will turn your specified URL into clickable link - this can also be accomplished simply as shown above using the [url][/url] tags. Choosing Custom URL text will also allow you to specify custom URL text. Enter the URL and the text you wish to be clickable and click "Generate". An example of the text generated is [url='']Go to my site[/url], where "Go to my site" will become the clickable text leading to As with before, hover over the generated text created below, right-click and select copy. Paste the generated text into a text field of your choice.

Styling Text: You can style text by clicking "Styling Options" in the menu. From here you can choose which style you would like - Bold or Italic. Simply enter the text you wish to style and click "Generate". Hover over the textbox and right-click on the generated text and select copy, then paste the text into your chosen textfield. You can also style the text simply by using the [b][/b] or [i][/i] tags as shown above.

4.4 Can you give me some good tips on using your Property Search functionality?

The first step is to confirm your choice of country and state from the drop down lists. From there, you must at the very least enter the name of a city in the chosen state. From here, you can now list ALL properties in the database for the chosen city without any further refinements, if you so wish. Beyond that, you can enter a suburb name, postcode, street name, council name - the choice is up to you. When entering an address number keep in mind entering say 11 will not give you an address at 11A, and vice versa - the search is very specific in this sense.

To help you search for properties based on location, there are partial matches. For city name you can enter "S" which will list all cities with names such as "Sydney" or "Singleton", being more specific and entering "Syd" will only return "Sydney", etc. The same applies for council and suburb names as well. With street name you must enter the full valid name of the street such as "Church" if you are after a street called Church Street, although street type is not required to get a list of matches. It's also important to keep in mind that you can enter a street name WITHOUT having to enter a suburb name or postcode. For instance entering a city such as "Sydney" and street name "Church" will list all streets with the name of "Church" in Sydney - from there you can refine your choice of a suburb to go to with the street. Take note of the matches returned on the top right to help you with your choice.

5. TECHNICAL ISSUES [Back to top]

5.1 I'm having problems, getting errors...

An error logging system exists to record errors, but please don't hesitate to contact in the event of errors, where your issue will be dealt with a soon as possible.

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