Knowthatproperty was launched in December 2012 by Mark Babij, a Sydney-based web developer/designer, who is also the sole creator and owner of the site. Knowthatproperty was created to be an interactive resource for people of all ages and various interests to learn about the history of various types of properties.

The site aims to encourage users to interact and contribute by either expressing their opinions, thoughts and knowledge on various topics or properties through a comments system, various polls, while also allowing them to contribute, upload and manage any images or photos they may have via a gallery and image management system. Besides learning about the historical information of a property, people can also view other information of interest such as council and zoning information, any protections that may be placed on a given property, among other information. All of these features come together through various functionalities and features such as a thorough search and listing system for properties, news and articles, allowing users to refine their search through many different criteria, a detailed property profile page including a referencing system for easy access to online source materials and gallery viewers to allow users to browse through the many photographs across the site. Knowthatproperty also strives to keep it's users "in-the-know" with regular news and article postings covering a variety of property related topics of interest such as development, real estate and community-related events and updates to name a few.

While knowthatproperty was officially launched in December 2012, early work on the site began in late 2010. Witnessing the demolition of a beautifully restored and grand old property in the local area to make way for the erection of an apartment building, would prove to be the catalyst which would lead to the creation of this site. The demolition of the property also made it obvious of the large number of people who held a strong interest and passion for old architecture as well as it's preservation. This event also highlighted the very real threat of development to many older properties and buildings due to the increase in population and the government seeking to implement planning laws to speed up development. These laws typically aim to target existing suburbs closer to the city with higher-density in-fill development, where most older buildings are located.

I became compelled to create a website which would allow people to learn about the historical information of properties, regardless of how large, small, well-known the property may be or whether it still stands today or has been gone for decades - the goal was to ensure that each property would get it's due attention. I also wanted this information to be accompanied with various galleries of photos, allowing people to be able come together and share what photos or information they may have.

Having always held a passion for older architecture I had early work experience as a student with the Sydney architectural firm Robertson and Marks. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it affirmed my appreciation and interest in architecture it was not to become my chosen career path. I would later find a passion in programming and web design and it is through this, along with my passion for architecture, that I was able to turn my aspirations for the creation of this site into a reality.

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