Demolition of 'Tilba' in Burwood Heights
Dec 13, 2012 @ 11:15 PM | By marktb

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Demolition of 'Tilba' in 2010. Any photos would be appreciated.
A number of people will no doubt recall their disappointment at the demolition of this grand, beautifully restored federation residence in Burwood Heights, in order to make way for a residential apartment building.

The demolition occurred in April 2010, amid protests and attracted the attention of various local media such as the Burwood Scene, Inner West Courier as well as the Sydney Morning Herald and even Channel 7. It was actually by watching Channel 7's evening news that I first became aware of it's initial demolition of the front and rear facade on April 14, as a result, I was unable to take any photos of the house prior to the demolition itself. I did manage to take a number of photos of it's actual demolition though, all of which can be found in Tilba's featured gallery listed below.

Having witnessed it's demolition, I noticed a number of other people also taking photos as well. If anyone has any photos to share of this property - whether they be interior, exterior, demolition photos, even any floor plans, etc, please feel free to Register an account with the site and using the e-mail address tied to your knowthatproperty account, send an e-mail to with at least one sample photo of what you intend to upload. If anyone has anything to share, I'll setup a public gallery for Tilba, enabling you to upload your photos. On that note, if anyone has any photos of any other properties they feel should be on the site, please feel free to contact me, also at

Tilba's property profile page can be found: HERE
Tilba's featured gallery can be found: HERE

I'll also update this posting to include a link to the public gallery for Tilba if anyone chooses to contribute any photos of this property.

Thank you!

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